Washroom designs: bring your imagination to reality.

Washroom designs: bring your imagination to reality.

The word washroom means it should include all such facilities to wash your body and you keep yourself clean in all ways. However, the main two things come first i.e. the shower system and flushing system. It entirely depends on the space you keep for your washroom.

When you have Sufficient Space, what to do?
If there is sufficient space available, than, you can separate the flushing system from the shower system by installing glass wall between the two facilities. The glass wall is wonderful idea for the users. It will not allow you to have eye on the flushing commodes during the bath time and you could easily do the bath activity.

When you have Little Space, what to do?
If the space is limited than there is some problem. Here you need to be more creative in adjustment of your fixtures like bath tubs and commodes. The flushing should be fast and effective. It should not allow the waste to stay and change it with all new water to keep the washroom safe from any odor. However, it is also suggested in the case, you should take some additional steps like to have good air freshener in your washrooms or you can use anti-odor spills to kill the bacteria and bring fragrance to your washrooms.

Wallpaper Usage:
If you lack in budget, you need not to be worried. You can paste the good quality wall papers on the washroom walls. These wall papers are available in unlimited texture, designs and colors. The fine quality wall papers do not get dull so quick. Many experts are available in the market who prefer you to paste the wall papers on the walls but it is recommended to install the tiles. The wall papers shall cover your need but require changed or replaced once in about two years. Whereas, the tiles remain as original even, after lapse of several decades they are still shining.

The washroom designing process is not an art but it is direct test of your creativity. You should first think about your requirements, needs, budget and then implement the best choice. You are the investor and you are the user as well. Therefore, if it takes bit more money to look better, kindly do not hesitate in the process and let yourself and your family to enjoy this facility for long period of time.

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