Tips on laying vinyl tiles in the bathroom floors

Tips on laying vinyl tiles in the bathroom floors

Some people think that laying tiles in their bathroom is quite a difficult task which is not true. It is possible to do it yourself easily by considering some guidelines.

The best type of tiles for the bathroom is the Vinyl floor tiles. These are easy to clean and are also warm underfoot. While laying any type of bathroom tiles you must make sure that they are not laid on the already existing tiles. This is because the floor that is lying underneath the tiles might not be safe sometimes. Hence your top vinyl flooring in bathroom would become unsafe, though you stick the tiles very well.

Removing old vinyl tiles

It requires a lot of effort to remove the old vinyl tiles even with a quality floor scraper. The adhesive in the tiles can be loosened up using a hot air gun, thus making it easy for you to scrape the adhesive and remove the tiles effortlessly.

You must also make sure that the skirting boards are removed carefully. The imperfections occurring when you cut the vinyl tiles can be hidden when you reinstate the skirting boards.

Easy to lay on the bathroom floors

The vinyl flooring for bathroom will usually involve using square tiles which are easy to lay in bulk in the bathroom. But the only difficulty is with the bows in the bathroom wall and when you want to fix any appliances like toilet or sink in the bathroom when flooring around.

Hence it is always best to first make a plan of flooring your bathroom based on which you can then cut the tiles. A good idea is to simply dry lay the tiles on your bathroom floor and then mark the floor as you like. If you have to cut the vinyl tiles around awkward shapes, you can make a cardboard template to help you cut easily. A profile gauge can also be used for this.

Also make sure that you use an adhesive that the tile manufacturer suggests to stick the vinyl tiles. And be careful in getting out only the required amount of adhesive as excessive adhesive might become dry before using it. After tiling the bathroom floors, provide at least 10 minutes for the adhesive to stick the tiles well. The extra adhesive can be wiped off finally. After the entire flooring has been stuck down and dried well, your skirting can be re-affixed.

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