Tips on choosing 42” bathroom vanity

Tips on choosing 42” bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities come in many shapes, designs and sizes to suit almost any bathroom. The 42” bathroom vanity is a midsized bathroom vanity that can suit most bathrooms. When going for this bathroom vanity, you don’t have to pick any available one just because the size is fixed. In fact, with online shopping, you can browse many 42” bathroom vanities and pick the one that best suits your taste. A few tips in helping you choose are outlined in this article.

Consider the Advantage of Height

The 42” bathroom vanities are a bit higher as compared the other bathroom cabinets. Thus, there is more room for storage under the sink. You may decide to thus buy one that has built in shelves and doors, or opt to go for those that do not have shelves. This will of course depend on your taste.

Consider Whether Single or Double Vanity

This will of course depend on available space. Single vanities are ideal for smaller spaces, and having a 42” bathroom vanity is very practical as well as aesthetically appealing. You don’t have to squat so much with this vanity. Double vanity will come with more storage space thus need for more room.

Consider Whether Mirrored or Non Mirrored Vanity

You will definitely get these bathroom cabinets with either their vanity mirrors available or with no vanity mirrors. Check whether the mirrors are fixed to the vanity or if they come with the vanity but separate from it. Non mirrored vanities will require that you buy the mirror separately.

Consider the Design of The vanity

The design should ideally match your bathroom fixtures and the décor theme. You should also look at the colors of your bathroom accessories and see if the bathroom vanity will match them. Should you however be buying this before other accessories, make sure that the colors will work well with the fixtures and accessories that you’d wish to purchase.

Consider the Material of the Bathroom vanity

Good material should definitely last for a long period of time. This should save you the cost of having to purchase one poor quality vanity. The vanity should also be sturdy enough to support the weight of both the sink and the countertop. Thus, when choosing 42” bathroom vanity, go for solid woods (such as oak), which is the strongest of all other materials used for building bathroom vanities. Other materials, but of lesser degrees of strength include solid ply woods, rubber wood and MDFs.

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