Steps to paint the bathroom tiles perfectly

Steps to paint the bathroom tiles perfectly

Painting is one of the best methods to make the interior of your house beautiful and alluring. The paint color represents the nature and taste of the homeowner. It is one of the ways to enhance the interior décor of your house. The bathrooms are one of the most visited places in the house. and they ought to look beautiful and enchanting. Painting on bathroom tiles is a perfect way to make the interior of your bathroom beautiful. It requires certain steps to be followed:

Using the Right Brush

The first step is to fry the tiles and make them free of any dust or scum. Paint the tiles with a good primer. Always use a synthetic brush for painting. There are many patterns of painting with a brush, the best pattern is to brush the tiles using long vertical strokes. Long strokes cover more tiles in less time but the coating is thin. Vertical strokes also make it easier to paint the tiles. You may use alternate colours on alternate tiles to make the paint look eye-catching and alluring.

Using Sand Paper and applying Primer

Firstly, make the tiles smooth by using a sand paper and clean the entire area using a dry cloth or some type pf sponge. After cleaning the tiles, you need to apply a coat of primer on the tiles. The primer is an essential, for painting on the bathroom tiles. After applying the primer leave it to dry. It may require 18-20 hours. Giving it, at least, a day to dry, will make the primer settle on the tiles easily. Moreover, using a synthetic brush is very important. The bristles of the brush must be soft, flexible and absorbent. The softness and flexibility make it move across the surfaces easily.

Using the brush paint the grout of the tiles. While painting the grout of the tiles must also be painted using the vertical strokes. After painting the grout, you may continue to use the same brush or you switch to a roller for easier painting. The rollers are used for painting on larger surfaces. There are no specific techniques to adopt while using a roller but when you are using a brush you ought to use long vertical strokes, for better painting. Make at least two coats of the paint to make it stick firmly over the tiles.


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