Small bathrooms: these are fantastic too..

Small bathrooms: these are fantastic too..

Small Bath rooms are not Problems:

Are you tired-off seeing small bath room at your home and want something different. You must be finding no time and no way to change your small bath rooms to big roomy place to use all washing and bathing facilities. Small bath rooms are not really problems but we should find little time to make them a better corner of our homes. Here we have few ideas to convert your small bath rooms to lovely place to have at homes, offices and at many public places.

First Spare some Time:

First spare some time and have sitting with your friends and family members to discuss about the small bath room and how to make them lovely place to for use. Then comes stages to prepare some strategy and plan, accordingly.

Use of LED is Fantastic Idea:

Use better LED lights where necessary. These lights do not cost much in the electricity charges and very cheap in the market rates as well. They are not burden over your pocket. The best places to install around the vanity bottom corners so that it gives unique output and design. It is very attractive too. Make smart choice in color of these bulbs which also matches the color of floor tiles and other accessories in the bath rooms. The second option is to install LEDs around the windows, main entrance door, etc. However, these are not recommended for installation around the wall mirror. The LEDs are not suitable for these accessories because the direct vision may pinch into your eyes.

Use of Good Accessories:

Use of good accessories and equipment is also going to make small bath rooms a good place for you. Like in the case of wash basin bidets, taps, washing taps, showers, etc. If these accessories are smooth and of high quality, you feel proud on your investment decisions and shall never think about you have a small bath room.

Use of Curtains:

In small bath rooms, it is not recommended to use large curtains. Only use of little chicks is going to win the game. The measurement is few inches more than the actual measurement of the window size. These are very easy to be used and operated. The curtains also require washing after few weeks but in case of chicks, you can just do little dusting with cloth.

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