Properly installing bathroom fans

Properly installing bathroom fans

Determining the CFM Ratio of your bathroom

CFM ratio refers to the Cubic Feet per Minute measurements of the bathroom. It shows how much the fan moves per minute.

For Smaller Bathrooms

In smaller bathrooms the fans with a smaller CFM are very installed, they pull air from the bathroom more effectively.

For Bigger or Lager Bathrooms

In larger bathrooms the fans with a higher CFM are installed. In the larger bathrooms, the room is big and it needs to be properly aerated. Proper aeration keeps the indoor atmosphere of the bathroom fresh and healthy. To know about the CFM ratio of the fan, it is printed on the fan box.

Sound Rating the Fan

Before buying a fan for your bathroom always look for the sound rating of the fan. The sound plays a very important role in making a perfect bathroom atmosphere. The sound rating is measured in sones. The quiet sounds range to about 0.5 sones. And the loud sounds might reach up to 6 sones. While installing bathroom fan you must opt for the fans that have the lowest sound.

Choosing the perfect Place for you fan

Opting for the best place to fix your bathroom fans is most important. The fans should be installed near the sinks or near the bath areas because these are the places that mostly get humid. Installing bathrooms fans help to remove the humidity in such places.

The layout of the attic is much important in placing your fan. The fans must be placed between two joints of the attic. This will help in easy installation and will also create less clutter at the workplace.

Gathering the Required Tools

Frist of all you need a circuit tester to check whether the interior circuits are electrically stable or not. Moreover, you need a screwdriver to mount and unmount screws. In addition to the tester and screwdriver, you would need a plier. The plier is the main tool and is needed to cut off and tighten the wires. More tools include a power drill, a jigsaw, vent cap, duct pipe, screws, roofing shales, roofing nails, and roofing cement.

All these tools are necessary when you have started to install the bathroom fans. The safety tools while this procedure includes a pair of goggles, respirator while using the drill, roof cleats or roof brackets, and, of course, a step ladder.

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