How to select the bathroom shower curtains

How to select the bathroom shower curtains

Bathroom Shower curtains are readily available inn exclusive designs, colors and materials. They add décor and color to the bathroom.  One should select a bathroom shower curtain that can be cleaned easily, helps in keeping the floor dry, offers privacy while bathing and is attractive as well as decorative.   A bathroom shower curtain of superior quality will last longer and will require less care.

Bathroom shower curtains fabric

  • Plastic shower curtains: They are easy to clean and can be machined washed too. They are also available at cheap prices.
  • Cotton shower curtains: There are wide of patterns, designs and colors available in cotton shower curtains. Good quality cotton will be more durable and they are easy to wash too.
  • Silk shower curtains: These are expensive type of curtains. It adds glamour and class to the bathroom.

Types of shower curtains

  • Synthetic shower curtains: Nylon, polyester, vinyl etc. are some of the synthetic shower curtains. Most of the bathroom shower curtains are available in these types. These are more expensive as compared to other types of shower curtains. They are water resistant and easy to maintain and clean. There are lots of choices available in these types. Hence one can easily find the appropriate one according to their budget and preference for their bathroom.
  • Cotton or linen shower curtains: Cotton and linen fabric have the property to absorb water easily. They prevent odors and get dried up easily. However these types of shower curtains need regular cleaning.
  • Organic shower curtains: These are made from hemp which is a natural fiber that has resistance to bacteria. These types of curtains are environment friendly and also easy to maintain.

Points to be considered when buying a bathroom shower curtain

  • Maintenance: Also select a material that is easy to clean and maintain as regular wash of shower curtains is essential to maintain hygiene. The fabric should also be moisture and stain resistance. It should dry off easily too.
  • Construction: The shower curtain should be of good quality with proper stitching and holes for hanging.
  • Liners: Shower liners are a good option to protect the curtains from bacteria and germs. They help in keeping the curtain in place. They are light weight and easy to clean. Hence one should consider buying this too.
  • Rings: Rings are normally available in plastic or metal. They are available in different options to match with the shade of the curtain.
  • Color and pattern: One can select the color and pattern of the curtain according to the paint of the bathroom. It is advisable to choose a light color to maintain brightness in the bathroom.
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