How to make the room more stylish with bathroom etagere

How to make the room more stylish with bathroom etagere

Many people buy vanities, shelves, and other storage units, forgetting about such cool and functional elements as etageres. There are different types of etageres. You can them in traditional, contemporary and other styles. Whether you want something basic or unique, there are plenty of such etageres. Most of them have a reasonable price. Thus, saving your money and space, bathroom etageres are a great option for many people who want to make the bathroom design more interesting and functional.

However, you won’t improve the bathroom design, having bought the first etagere you see. In order to buy a stylish addition to your bathroom, check out the following tips.

Analyze the style

If you’ve already created a certain style in your bathroom, make everything possible to find the bathroom etagere that will suit it. For example, if you a fan of the traditional style, the etagere with marble shelves will be a perfect option. Preserve the clean lines and simplicity. Add a vase with your favorite flowers to create a fancy look.

If you’ve got a vintage bathroom, choose a rustic golden etagere. A decorated mirror with an interesting frame will make the picture complete.Try using a wooden etagere. It will look nice in the design that isn’t full of golden elements and other glossy accessories. Combine it with a bunch of plants and colorful fabrics.

Consider the size

Depending on the size of your bathroom, choose the etagere that won’t complicate your traffic around the room. Make sure the height and the width are appropriate for the place where you’re going to put the etagere. If the etagere is too high, it may look ridiculous in the small bathroom.

Plan your storage

Think about what things you’re going to put there. These should be accessories that everyone can see: towels, lotions, shampoos, salts, etc. You may consider making this area nice by adding some accessories. A flower pot or a vase with shells will look great.

Choose the material

Analyze how often you’re going to use the bathroom etagere. If you or your family members aren’t attentive enough, its’ better not to buy the etagere with glass elements. Focus on choosing the high-quality materials that won’t be ruined by water splashes or rust.

In order to make the room stylish, using the bathroom etagere, buy the one that looks nice in your interior. Consider the size and additional accessories. Focus on buying high-quality products.

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