Health analysis with best digital bathroom scale

Health analysis with best digital bathroom scale

The modern best digital bathroom scale comes with a variety of features and designs. Let’s have a look at some of the excellent digital bathroom scales.


The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale connects to the Wi-Fi installed at home. Whenever it is used the scale transfers the information recorded to the online Fitbit account. The memory of this scale can store the information of about eight people with their profile. It is both Android and IOS capable. Its other features include automatic data uploading and sharing. It gives information such as daily calorie intake, charts and graphs, additional body statistics, water intake and meal and snack input. It uses four AA size batteries, measures weight in pounds, height along with length and width is measured in inches. The product warranty is for one year with email support and online product manual.

Tanita BC543 is another impressive piece of technology which measures the internal abdominal fat levels and compares it with a health range indicator. It is very useful for checking the effects of a diet regime and exercise on the body to assess progress.

EatSmart Precision CalPal is not an expensive model but is highly accurate. It is comfortable to stand on with a large backlit display with a capacity as high as four hundred pounds. Weight measurement is precise with detection of weight changes very sensitive.

Brabantia Body analysis scales comes with an interesting feature where as many as eight people can record information such as age, sex, height and then stand on the scale. The scale records Body mass index, fat percentage in the body, body muscle and water percentage in the body.

These were some of the best digital bathroom scale available today in the market.


The accuracy of different digital bathroom scales vary. Most scales come very close to displaying accurate weights and some are very precise. Most of the scales maintain appreciable consistency with slight inconsistencies within a pound of actual weight. The weight scales come with an app which tracks weight, activity levels and other features. These scales need to be connected to the mobile via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The scales in addition to measuring the body fat which is paramount also check the muscle mass, daily calorie intake and bone density.


The best digital bathroom scale comes with a sleek design and tempered glass platform. The scale also should have a sturdy base. The best scales do not occupy much space and calibrate automatically. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi scale is a very accurate and consistent scale.

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