Gold bathroom accessories bringing luxury into shower

Gold bathroom accessories bringing luxury into shower

Adding some shine and luxury is only for a few opulent ones who can afford it. Waking up in the morning from a bedroom filled with elegance and stepping into a bathroom wrought in luxury will never let the current of luxury be cut short…”if only wishes were horses…”


It is estimated that 78% of the world’s gold goes into jewellery production- this is quite reasonable bearing in mind that most individuals who own articles made of gold, will habitually want to show off their affluent lifestyle. However, there are some who go beyond the usual to do that which the middle class or even some high class, might count as ‘baseless’. Using gold plated or gold crafted accessories in the bathroom leaves the shine indoor and there only but it is cool like that to the man who has got the wealth.

Though the idea of using pure gold in making BATHROOM ACCESSORIES remains yet uncommon, Lam Sai-Wing’s 24-karat luxurious toilet built in 2001, would have indeed served as an eye opener to those with the dough. Nevertheless, the unstable price and inherent ‘rarity’ of gold, could pose a real challenge to the manufacturers of these accessories. Notwithstanding, the wealthy man knows how to get what he wants.


For the fact that it does not react with air, water or any other substance, pure gold is able to stand the test of time ‘come rain come shine’. Hence, this goes down to be about the best material everyone needs in the bathroom- but for the cost and availability, it is not to be.

Plus gold does not irritate the skin so sitting on a gold crafted cistern [to defecate] gives comfort still.


That the idea sounds and looks crazy to some, has not stop manufacturers who dare to break new grounds, from producing grand piece of art. With their ingenuity and touch of class, the odds have been beaten with gold not just been limited to jewellery production alone. Gold has been employed in creating a paradise in the bathroom as accessories like faucets, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, sink, fittings, cistern, spa, towel bars…now have more glistening effect on display.

Some of these manufacturers include:

  • Cellini Artistic Hardware
  • Windisch Bath Accessories
  • Cristal et Bronze Bathroom
  • Kohler Co.
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