Give your bathroom a cool effect by bluebathroom accessories

Give your bathroom a cool effect by bluebathroom accessories


A bathroom is a place in your home where you go most of the time in a day. A neat and clean bathroom leaves a calm effect on your mind. Although the basic design of a bathroom has no large variety but it’s the accessories that make your bathroom distinguished from others. Your mood, style and desire for neatness is completely reflected by the design and hygiene of your bathroom. The right accessories you can make the bathroom look neat, cozy, glamorous and a place of relaxation.


First of all have a thorough look at your bathroom and be clear about the space available to you. Once you come to know about the square area of your bath room, you can judge well that how you can design the best décor of your bathroom. Decide the ways about where to fit certain accessories so that they can become more practical.


The first and foremost requirement of your bathroom are the basic things like faucets, mirror, towel stand, bath tub or bath cabins and last but not least vanity.


If you have planned blue as the theme color of your bathroom then your bathroom must be reflecting a cool effect. You can add more to its coolness by selecting all bathroom accessories in blue shade.


Bathroom lighting is an essential feature that is often ignored while designing a bathroom. There should always be more than one light fixture in the bathroom. One ceiling light must be supported with another spot light that must be fixed over the mirror vicinity. As your bathroom shade is blue so a white fluorescent light will give more coolness to your bathroom.


The soap dish, tooth brush holder and the liquid soap jar collectively make a vanity set. An elegant vanity set gives a stylish look to your bathroom. First of all choose the best material for the vanity set that matches the color theme of your bathroom. For a blue bathroom, we will suggest white or light blue shaded vanity set.


Soft and fluffy face and bath towels are another particular item of the bathroom. You should go with blue or white towels for your bathroom. Do not go for red or other shocking colors for the towels as these sharp colors will spoil the calmness of your blue bathroom.

Last but not least, from the wide variety of bathroom accessories available in the market select the most comfortable and best one accessories in order to make your bath room a real relaxing place in your home.

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