Getting a perfect look for your bedroom vanities and sinks

Getting a perfect look for your bedroom vanities and sinks

To get a perfect vanity for your bathroom, you should choose the appropriate materials, the right style and a bathroom vanity that well fits your bathroom space and also one that will cater for all your needs. This goes hand in hand, with getting the perfect sink to match with your vanity. It is hence important getting a sink of the right size that works with your vanity.

Getting the right bedroom vanity

I will highlight some key points to keep in mind when choosing among the different vanities for your bathroom. One thing to consider when choosing a vanity is the placement of the vanity and this entails the accessibility of the vanity. It should not be placed on a spot that will create congestion in your bathroom. This can be achieved by ensuring that any windows around the vanity allow placement of a mirror or a wall cabinet above it. Something else to consider is the plumbing of your bathroom. Placing your vanity away from plumbing fixtures will cost you extra cash to do the extra plumbing therefore it should be placed as close to the fixtures as possible.

You should also consider material that makes your bathroom vanity and sink. Bathrooms tend to be mostly humid or wet and hence the vanity should be of a material that is not affected by such conditions. For this, sealed wood does the trick.

Right size for sinks

When decorating your bathroom through vanities, you need to consider the right measure for your sink to ensure that it will look impressive. Its counter height should range from 32 inches to 34 inches. You sink’s height should also be considered. Above-counter sinks will be higher than the below-counter sinks and you therefore choose one that best fits your bathroom.

Fitting your vanity and sinks perfectly

Your bathroom vanity and sink should be fit perfectly to maximise on the space available for storage. I will highlight some ideas that will give you more space in your vanity. One way to achieve this is to place your vanity off-centre to make space for three of four vanity drawers on one side and get more space under the sink. If you opt having two sinks in your bathroom, space can be maximised by having a tower cabinet in-between the two cabinets. Alternatively, single-sink basin will create more space in the counters to store all your items.

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