Finding the right mirror for bathroom- a short guide

Finding the right mirror for bathroom- a short guide

As you go about remodeling or decorating your bathroom, you will also be heading to the stores on the hunt for a mirror for bathroom. Before you zero in on an option, there is quite a bit that you must take into account to ensure that the mirror you get adds style and function to your bathroom, and get the most out of it.

Framed, frameless or custom?

A framed mirror comes with a frame attached to it, and is the most common type of mirror purchased. These are the typical ones used by most homeowners, preferred due to their ease of hanging as well. A frameless mirror is only the mirrored glass without the frame, and these have been gaining popularity due to their ‘floating’ effect. Easy to hang or install, such a mirror is generally glued to the wall.

A custom mirror is what you can also create if you wish to separately choose the frame as well as the mirrored glass. It is a rather extensive process but gives you endless options and variety to get a mirror for bathroom just the way you want it.

Determining the correct size

Generally, the size/length of the vanity countertop in your bathroom serves as a factor in deciding the mirror size. Designers mostly advise a mirror that is 2 to 4 inches smaller than the vanity in length. As far as the height of the mirror goes, you should consider keeping it shorter than your vanity, at least 4 inches from the ceiling. In case of any lighting above the mirror space, you may need to consider those before deciding on its height.

Shape, style and function

There is no end to the shape, color and styles of bathroom mirrors that you can find which makes the task of finding the right blend of all three a little overwhelming. You can take a simple pretest of the design by creating it on paper or a poster board and then attaching the template to the wall to get a low-quality version of what it will look like.

Mirrors are not just for looking at your reflection now- they also have many other functions, including storage and lighting. You can go through these at stores to better determine as to what all functionality you would like in your mirror. The variety in a store is endless, and who knows what you may end up liking. Like everything else, take time and put thought before you go ahead and buy the perfect mirror for bathroom.

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