Choosing the right white bathroom mirror

Choosing the right white bathroom mirror

If you have already set your mind on buying a white bathroom mirror- then you have already made one big choice that many people take quite some time to make. However, there is still quite a long way to go in order to get the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

Selecting on the size of the mirror

The size of the mirror that you need will help you decide on many other factors as well. The dimensions of the mirror vary depending on the sink’s width, provided you are hanging the mirror above it. Ideally, a rectangular mirror of a similar width would be just right- and no matter what the situation may be, it should not go beyond the basin. For a round or irregularly shaped mirror, keep in mind the ration of the bathroom mirror and the other items.

Style and functionality

A white bathroom mirror adds in quite the elegance and style to your bathroom, and it helps you decide on a scheme for the entire bathroom. A mirror now is not just for looking at your reflection anymore- it can also be a highly functional part of the bathroom. You can also have it with built-in lighting, magnifying mirror to help while shaving & applying makeup with quite a few other features.

If you decide to spend a little more, than you can get a more advanced model wherein the glass comes with a preheat function that prevents ‘fogging’. You can even go in for a more high-tech mirror that comes with touch sensitive buttons that let you communicate with a mobile device and listen to music- all without leaving the bathroom.

The importance of product quality

Basic characteristics of the mirror such as moisture resistance, its coating, integrity and so on are important quality parameters. You should ensure that the mirror surface is clean and smooth without any cracks, chips and any form of damage.  Any bubbles in the mirror are also a sign of damage, and should be carefully searched for before you buy the mirror. Often, sellers do not accept any such requests after the purchase, which means a careful inspection of it before buying is a must.

Thus, armed with all this knowledge, you should be able to find the best white bathroom mirror that will not just be a looking glass for you, but also a part of your bathroom that adds to its style, elegance and functionality.


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