Benefits of unfinished bathroom vanities

Benefits of unfinished bathroom vanities

If you desire to give your bathroom a stylish and unique function, then unfinished bathroom vanities should be on top of your wish list. They are available in different sizes, features, assembling, and designs. Bathroom vanities can be a useful addition to your home. Most of them have sufficient space for storing your belongings making them easily accessible.

Advantages of Unfinished bathroom vanities

There are so many benefits associated with unfinished vanities for the bathroom. They include;

  • It allows you to stain them after, paint it with a desired color, or leave it as it is. You get to select the stain or paint color of your choice.
  • They are easily customizable. With unfinished bathroom vanities you can customize them as you wish. You can add new handles, shelves, or even install glass doors if you like.
  • Versatility-with unfinished vanities you can make some minor changes and get a stylish look in your bathroom whenever you like. For instance, you can turn one and same unit into either a rustic unit or a modern piece by simply varying the painting or stain in use. For a contemporary look, choose acrylic paint, lemon, orange, or neon blue. You can as well use some other colors to achieve your desired touch and feel.
  • Functionality-asides elegance, bathroom vanities serve the purpose of storing commonly used items. You can store heavy stuff such as boxes, detergents, and others on the lower shelves of the vanity storage. The middle shelves can be used to keep towels and linen and the drawers serve for miscellaneous storage.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

  • Unfinished 12-inch vanity cabinet

This drawer based cabinet with a red oaked cabinet comes with a board that has plywood sides. It has four functional drawers and comes with either a painted or stained surface. It is primarily pre-assembled and made in USA.

  • Unfinished 15-inch vanity cabinet

Since is another option to choose from for your bathroom. It features red-colored oak doors and black-colored particle boards. Also has metallic glide rails mounted on its side. They are stained grade cabinets but there is room for painting and coloring throughout the cabinet.

  • Unfinished narrowed depth 6-inch vanity

This stylish and useful hardwood sink cabinet is designed with wood and unfinished oak materials. It has two doors and one basin and it is installed freestanding. Undrilled cabinets are also available and can easily be customized.

There are many benefits associated with unfinished bathroom vanities. Carry out your research on the options available and buy one that best meets your needs and budget.

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