Bathroom tile gallery – how to make most of İt

Bathroom tile gallery – how to make most of İt

Bathroom tiles can sometimes be one of the hardest tiles to shop for, as most home owners focus so much attention on the living room. The effort to create a harmonious décor in the home deteriorates once the living room is completed, with the bedroom, kitchen and finally bathroom getting the least efforts. You might not have a clue on how to best harmonize the bathroom tiles with the rest of the bathroom accessories. Going through a bathroom tile gallery might then prove to be useful. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of it.

Pay attention to Floor Tiles

You will find that the floor tiles will greatly determine the types of tiles used on bathroom walls as well as the shower walls. You should thus strive to get this right. Look at how the floor tiles have been used to set the pace for the rest of the bathroom tiles as well as décor theme.

Tip: The floor tiles should coordinate well with the ceiling color.

Look at how Wall Tiles are used

Some wall tiles are used all the way from the floor to the ceiling, while others stop just mid-way to the ceiling. You will also find that the bathroom might have tiles of one style from the floor to mid wall, then a different style from mid wall to the ceiling. Look at how these two installation options bring out the look of the bathroom.

Also look at how Bathroom Shower Tiles are used

You will see bathroom showers with tiles that are completely different to the rest of the bathroom tiles. The shower walls might have mosaic tiles while the floors will have monochromatic tiles, or vice versa. You might also find other showers with universal tile from wall to floor.

Other Things to Look Out For

Apart from how the tiles are used on the bathroom floor, walls and shower, pay attention to the size of the tiles. Different tile sizes will bring out different looks in the bathroom. Some bathrooms will have only one size of tiles, while others will incorporate both small and large tiles.

Also look at how the colors coordinate with each other. What kind of ambience do these tiles portray in the bathroom? By looking carefully at different bathroom tile galleries, you might be able to copy one décor theme into your own bathroom.

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