Bathroom exhaust fan motor repair and maintenance

Bathroom exhaust fan motor repair and maintenance

Many users who install bathroom exhaust fans usually don’t think that the fan needs maintenance but it does. It requires frequent maintenance so that it does not break down or stop working unexpectedly. When you turn on your bathroom fan and hear a squeaking sound, then your fan has a problem. There is no need to panic since the problem can probably be fixed. The bathroom fan is usually subjected to extreme moisture, and these might lead it to collect a lot of dust. The combination of dust, moisture and heat that usually takes a toll on the bathroom exhaust fan motor. When you notice that your fan is squealing, you need to remove it and take a look at it.

Removing the Exhaust cover

If your fan has a small nylon bolt, carefully unscrew it. Once you do this, you will be able to remove the cover. You will find that there will be dust on the cover and the fan assembly, which will vary on the duration the fan has been in operation.

Removing the Exhaust Assembly

The next step would be removing the assembly. Once you locate the outlet, unplug the cord and unscrew the mounting screw. You will then rotate the fan assembly until it comes out. Once you have removed it, you will need to disable it. When taking it apart, you will need to be careful since you will be handling the bathroom exhaust fan motor. You will be required to clean the parts as you disassemble. The fan motor needs to be handled with care so that you don’t spoil it. The next step will be lubricating the necessary parts. You will need to wipe clean any dust from the housings and also you may need to lubricate them. If necessary, you can also lubricate the spinning motor shaft.


Once you have cleaned and make sure that everything is okay, you can then reassemble the fan back to the way it was. Make sure to screw back all the right screws and not to damage the fan as you assemble it. Once you have assembled it, you can blow on the wheel to check whether it is spinning freely and easily. Remount the fan back into the fan housing and put back the cover.

One should not neglect the maintenance of the bathroom exhaust fan motor since it plays the main role of the fan.

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