Bathroom designs & ideas close to nature

Bathroom designs & ideas close to nature

If you are thinking of creating a unique bathroom design for your new home or renovating an existing one, it can be a daunting task, considering the busy life of many. Inspiration can be drawn from the designs of the great designers of our time or even from the simple elements of nature. From a pebbled base of a natural waterfall to a rain forest, there can be innumerable ideas for creating the ultimate place of peace and relaxation. Being close to nature helps. I have tried to compile some exotic visions on which the best bathroom designs can be built up. 94

Natural floor tile’ elements

Floor of a bathroom is a major design element that needs to be considered to create best bathroom designs. A pebbled floor can add a spa like feeling when you walk on them. You may feel that you are walking on a pebbled bed of a stream. Feet have the most pressure points in the body and walking on a pebbled floor can help activating the major organs of the body and so is therapeutic. A pebbled floor needs minimal maintenance too. Multicolored pebbles can be chosen or natural colors can be chosen to give a rustic look. River rock pebble tiles are widely available in the markets around USA. 105

Outdoor feel:

If one of your bathroom walls is also the outer wall of your villa or apartment, this is a excellent opportunity to make proper use of it. A portion of the wall can be converted into a sealed glass window. With bamboo or wooden blinds. The bathtub can be installed just beside this window, which overlooks a garden or a bunch of trees. Bingo! Nothing can be more relaxing than to sink in the bathtub and watch nature, or while doing the morning rituals. The landing from the bathtub can be bordered with natural stone tiles to give an earthy feeling. 101

Planted wall:

This is another great idea and can give a unique focal point to a bathroom and look serene and pleasant to the eye. This is a slight extension to the idea of keeping indoor plants in the bathroom. The wall beside the bath vessel, can be ideally used for the purpose. This wall can be converted into a vertical creeper garden. Some tropical ferns can also be used in combination. A crevice can be created on the wall, housing the plants, so that it gives a framed look. Focus lamps from the top can give a good highlight to the plants at night. During day, a small natural light source will be great.

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